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JustWorks Sales Kick Off Event @ CitiField 

July 10th


Green tablecloth with the foul lines marked out and the home base in front. A grass runner will go down the center of the table. The centerpiece will be a 6 level acrylic cupcake stand. It will be flanked by two large baseball signs. One reading "Everything is Sweet" and the other "Between the White Lines". On the sides of those will be two acrylic risers at the ends of the table will be 1st and 3rd base. Two long trays will be placed towards the front of the table.




Ten dozen cupcakes. 6 dozen standard size and 4 dozen mini size.

Two dozen standards will be covered in fondant and made to resemble baseballs. Two dozen standards will be covered in green buttercream grass and adorned with baseball bats and gloves. Two dozen standards will have a classic rosette in cerulean blue with a baseball wrap.

All four dozen minis will have cerulean blue buttercream

Cake Pops

Four dozen cake pops. Two dozen will be made to resemble baseballs. Two dozen will be midnight blue with the JustWorks logo on the stick.

Rice Krispies Treats

Two dozen treats dipped in midnight blue with SKO written in cerulean blue and a baseball toothpick.

Sugar Cookies

Two dozen sugar cookies featuring jerseys, baseball bats and all baseball paraphernalia. Some items will read SKO.


Delivery Included

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