Con Amore

Custom Order for JAP

Rose Sweet Baby Shower

June 30th


One tier round cake. Covered in pink and made to resemble a gift box. The sides will have a matching pink lace detail. The top and bottom will be edged with pink pearls. The bottom will also have gold bling. The topper will be a pink rose and a white bow with a gold bling center. The front will read "BABY GILL" in gold. The drum will be covered in white and edged in pink. A small bottle and stack of nappies will be placed on the side

Cake to feed 25

Cake Flavor:  (10") Vanilla Cake with Passion Fruit Filling


Two dozen standard cupcakes with pink buttercream. Six will have white bows. Six will have white roses. Twelve will have gold sprinkles.

Cake Flavor:  Vanilla with Guava

Sugar Cookies

Twenty cookies made to resemble pink onesies with tutus and gold hearts

Rice Krispies Treats

Twenty treats dipped in pink chocolate adorned with a gold letter G and a white blossom

Delivery Included



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